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  • Infiniheart (2004)
    1. Clinically Dead
    2. After The Afterlife
    3. Kill me in my sleep
    4. J.C.'s Head on the Cross
    5. Somewhere I Know There Is Nothing
    6. Blood Machine
    7. Echo Train
    8. Build a Home like a Bee
    9. I miss you like I miss you
    10. Red Blood
    11. 1000 Pound Eyelids
    12. The Warp Zone/Hidden Bridge
    13. Chronograph #1
    14. Sunshine Snare Hits
    15. Liquid + Light
    16. Traffic

  • Skelliconnection (2006)
    1. Flower Gardens
    2. Burn 2 Ash
    3. Red Hot Drops
    4. Rolling Thunder
    5. Viking Rainbow
    6. Gubbbish
    7. Dandruff
    8. Wing Finger
    9. See-Thru-Skin
    10. Wind Driving Dogs
    11. Mini TV's
    12. Graveyard
    13. Dead Ends
    14. Sing me to Sleep
    15. Systemic Heart

  • Soft Airplane (2008)
    1. Willow Tree
    2. Bones of Man
    3. Cries of the Dead
    4. Inside the Molecules
    5. Bare Feet on Wet Griptape
    6. Phantom Anthills
    7. Poisonous Heads
    8. TMNT Mask
    9. Molten Light
    10. Old Man + The Sea
    11. City of Electric Light
    12. Rabid Bits of Time
    13. Frozen Energon

  • Diaper Island (2011)
    1. Do Not Fear
    2. Peace On The Rise
    3. Burning Photographs
    4. Heavy Stones
    5. Sara
    6. Replace Me
    7. Blonde Hash
    8. Freedom for a Policeman
    9. Can You Believe It!?
    10. Wandering Spirits
    11. No Panic / No Heat
    12. Shave My Pussy

    Every so often, Chad VanGaalen emerges from his bunker in Calgary with a batch of songs, giving us a window into the the private world of this reclusive and enigmatic songwriter. With Diaper Island, VanGaalen distills his approach, producing his most sonically cohesive album to date – and the closest thing he has done to a rock album. While VanGaalen's three previous albums were made in a cramped basement studio, a move to a larger recording room offered space to develop and refine his sound. Fresh from producing Women’s critically lauded Public Strain, VanGaalen decided to avoid the comfort of working on previous ground, and apply some of the recording techniques and sonic ideas that emerged from those sessions. For the first time, multi-tracked and often overdriven guitar is the instrument at the centre of the songs, which are often spartan and free of the melodic details that embellished previous albums. With this focus on guitar, combined with a beloved vintage tape machine determining the sound, VanGaalen moved towards a leaner, no-frills approach – one that more closely resembles the music that influenced him as a teenager, while continuing the arc laid out in his previous work. The paradox of trying to assert control in a climate of helplessness winds through the album, whether in the existential pondering on life and death that often pervades VanGaalen’s songs ("Do Not Fear," “Replace Me”), or in the conflict between control and creativity ("Freedom for a Policeman," “No Panic, No Heat”). At the album's heart is "Sara," a simple and celebratory paean that gorgeously praises the ability of VanGaalen’s partner and muse to nurture his creativity in the face of this uncertainty, and captures the songwriter at his most sincere and powerful. VanGaalen has been quietly building a catalogue of songs that invite listeners to gently explore his distinctive creativity. Diaper Island extends the adventure into deeper territory, tapping into VanGaalen's lifeblood and mining the richness of his mind with sharper tools. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Shrink Dust (2014)
    1. Cut Off My Hands
    2. where are you?
    3. Frozen Paradise
    4. Lila
    5. Weighed Sin
    6. Monster
    7. Evil
    8. Leaning On Bells
    9. All Will Combine
    10. Weird Love
    11. Hangman's Son
    12. Cosmic Destroyer