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  1. Easy
  2. Have One on Me
  3. '81
  4. Good Intentions Paving Company
  5. No Provenance
  6. Baby Birch
  7. On a Good Day
  8. You and Me, Bess
  9. In California
  10. Jackrabbits
  11. Go Long
  12. Occident
  13. Soft as Chalk
  14. Esme
  15. Autumn
  16. Ribbon Bows
  17. Kingfisher
  18. Does Not Suffice

Released: 2010
Essentials: 2010

Have One on Me is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom, released on February 23, 2010 via Drag City as the official follow up to the harpirst's highly acclaimed second studio release, 2006's Ys. It is a triple album produced by herself and mixed by long-time collaborators Jim O'Rourke and Noah Georgeson, with the accompanying arrangements by Ryan Francesconi. Have One on Me is considered to be Newsom's most accessible release and finds her exploring new sounds, such as the inclusion of instruments like tambura and kaval and the further development of other elements of her sound — the harpsichord, electric guitar and a progression in the orchestral accompaniment. She also flirts with genres such as jazz and blues in some tracks, while adding drums in others. Many of the songs are also reminiscent of her previous releases and show a natural progression. The lyrics have been described as more straightforward than those of Ys, though still cryptic. The album is also her first since The Milk-Eyed Mender to include tracks played on the piano instead of the harp. Because of health problems and natural reasons, by the time of the recording sessions Newsom's voice had changed in comparison to previous works. Read more on Last.fm.

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