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  • Haingeraide
  • Black Noise (2010)
    1. Lay in a Shimmer
    2. Abglanz
    3. The Splendour
    4. Stick to My Side
    5. A Nomads Retreat
    6. Satellite Snyper
    7. Behind the Stars
    8. Bohemian Forest
    9. Welt am Draht
    10. Im Bann
    11. Es schneit

    Black Noise is the third album by the German minimal techno artist Pantha du Prince, and the first to be released on Rough Trade Records. It was released on February 8, 2010. The track "Stick To My Side" features a guest spot from Noah Lennox of Animal Collective while Tyler Pope of LCD Soundsystem and !!! plays bass on "The Splendour". Read more on Last.fm.