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  1. Continuous Hit Music
  2. Hard to Find
  3. Come Home Baby Julie, Come Home
  4. You Own Me
  5. Promise of Love
  6. The Hatist
  7. Fool Around
  8. Modern Drummer

Released: 2003
Essentials: 2003

Promise of Love was the fifth full length proper from the beloved American Analog Set, picking up right where their previous album, Know By Heart left off. Amanset’s ability to craft a captivating, swirling, enigmatic and heartbreakingly beautiful song had not dissipated, despite the bi-coastal nature of the band at this time with Andrew Kenney living in Brooklyn and the rest of the band back in Austin. The 8 tracks captured on Promise of Love showcased their ability to write a rock song, a sad song, a dance song, and a slow burner, and juxtapose them all to create a near flawless album, front to back. It was released on June 17th, 2003. Read more on Last.fm.

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