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Jaar  | ## | Album
2006 | 31 | People Are Like Seasons
2006 | 39 | The Infinite Circle
2006 | 91 | Fixed Water
2007 | 83 | The Infinite Circle
2008 | 48 | People Are Like Seasons
2008 | 82 | Fixed Water
2009 | 43 | People Are Like Seasons
2009 | 84 | Fixed Water
2010 | 95 | People Are Like Seasons
2011 | 71 | People Are Like Seasons
2011 | 83 | Fixed Water
2012 | 85 | Fixed Water
2013 | 91 | Fixed Water
2014 | 77 | De Nachten (live)
2015 | 54 | Fixed Water
2015 | 87 | De Nachten (live)
2020 | 36 | Fixed Water
2021 | 22 | Fixed Water
There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Sophia is a martial industrial act from Sweden. The band is the brainchild of Peter Bjärgö (born Peter Pettersson), also of Arcana. Using martial and heavy industrial rhythms, choral sections, neoclassical orcestration and dark ambient soundscapes, Sophia crafts a dark and oppressive soundscape of nihilism, bitterness and sorrow. Sophia was first started in 1998 when Peter Bjärgö recorded plenty of songs as a side project to Arcana. Those songs were unfortunately destroyed and the thought of a harscher side project blossomed again in 2000. The first album was recorded with the intention of making songs for a live performance. Together with Per Åhlund, Peter Bjärgö performed a few live shows and in 2001 the first release came out, entitled "Aus Der Welt". In 2001 Ia Bjärgö, Peter's wife, joined the band and the jounrey moved on. With the albums "Herbstwerk", "Seduction of Madness", "Death,Dumb and Blind" along with" Spite", Sophia became one of the most well known and recognized underground industrial bands in the world. When Ia Bjärgö 2retired" from Sophia, Stefan Eriksson entered as a new co-worker to Peter. After the release of "Deconstruction of the World", which he also made together with Stefan Eriksson, Sophia was put torest for many years. It wasn't until 2010 when Peter joined forces again together with ia Bjärgö and Per Åhlund again. New songs are recorded, plans for a new album is at hand and a few live gigs have already been done. Welcome to the new era of SOPHIA. Website:http://www.myspace.com/sophiasweden and Label - Cold Meat Industry 2) Indie band Sophia includes The Flower Shop Recordings mainman and former The God Machine singer/guitarist Robin Proper-Sheppard. After the sudden and tragic death of schoolfriend and God Machine bassist Jimmy Fernandez, Proper-Sheppard began searching for a new musical outlet. Together with friends and fellow musicians from other Flower Shop bands Elevate, Ligament and Oil Seed Rape, Proper-Sheppard began working on the music that would become known as Sophia. Citing influences such as Neil Young, Uncle Tupelo and Sparklehorse, early albums Fixed Water (1996) and Infinite Circle (1998) were much more acoustic-based and given the circumstances understandably more melancholic than The God Machine while People Are Like Seasons (2004) and Technology Won't Save Us (2007) started to return to a more electrically dynamic and orchestrated sound. There Are No Goodbyes was released via The Flower Shop/City Slang in 2009. http://www.sophiamusic.net/ http://www.myspace.com/thesophiacollective 3) Sophia (SOPHIA) is a visual kei band from Japan . They are one of the longest running visual kei bands, active from 1994 until 2013, and their distinct poppy style proved to be massively successful commercially. Their huge explosion on the mainstream market broke ground for other similarly pop-fronted visual bands to garner nationwide super-stardom as well, including acts like SHAZNA and CASCADE. http://www.sophia-eternal.com 4) Sophia is a hardcore mixed with indie act from Nashville, TN. USA. Sophia features 6 members: Steve, Ryan, Keith, Dan, Bennett, and Ben. Sophia released the ep "My Hands My Greedy Hands" in 2006. The band released "My Morning; Migration" on March 15th 2008. The band also appeared on the compilation Hearts Bleed Passion Vol. 2 released by Indie Vision Music in July of 2007. The band played its final shows on December 5th and 6th, but has since recorded and released a joke Christmas song which is on their myspace music player. http://www.sophiarock.com 5) Sophia is a new age musician who creates healing and uplifting music released by Sequoia Records. Her most recent album is "Chakra Healing Chants". She plays her own zither, tamboura, percussion, dulcimer and guitar. http://www.sequoiarecords.com/sophia_bio.php 6) Sophia is a 16-year-old Australian singer. She has been singing and dancing since the age of 2, and performing professionally since the age of 11. She has won awards since 2001 in performing arts challenges, theatre productions, and music competitions. Her parents, one a professional choreographer for over twenty years (her mother), and one a talented singer/songwriter (her father), have raised Sophia on a healthy diet consisting of all the performing arts. Sophia has performed for the National Olympic Committee, the Athens Torch Relay Parade, and numerous Benevolent Society and Charity Balls. Under the guidance of Fa'Sho Management, Sophia has taken a likeness to the Urban world and begun working on her new solo album, working with several of Australia's best Urban producers including Cas and Anthony Jeanne (E-Cue) from Joint Entertainment, Israel, Fingaz, among others. Her music fuses her influences such as hip hop, rnb, jazz, funk, soul, swing and pop. http://www.myspace.com/sophiaunplugged 7) Sophia , pop punk band from Brazil. www.myspace.com/sophiaoficial Read more on Last.fm.

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